AUTHENTIC is a priviliged partner of INFOR

With more than 60 Infor Movex / M3 customers, we have been a recognized expert on this market for 15 years, making AUTHENTIC the oldest player on Infor M3 in the French market.
We have placed Infor M3 at the heart of our offering and our commitment is part of our strategic partnership with INFOR.
Through our Alliance Partner agreement, INFOR has recognized our ability to “integrate solutions and strategically advise”.

In addition, Authentic is a distributor and service partner of INFOR through 2 other partnerships.

AUTHENTIC works with a number of technological partners to enhance its offering and optimize its solutions

Institutional partners

AUTHENTIC’s growth in France and around the world is supported by reputable companies such as BPI, Coface, Banque de France, OSEO, and Ouest Croissance, guaranteeing continuity and sustainability.