Dematerializing your processes is good. Improving flows and user-friendliness is even better. We take a look at the experience of Akiolis, a manufacturer based in Le Mans, France. Bruno Duchesne, purchasing director at Akiolis, spoke to us about the project.

Why did you turn to Authentic?
We wanted to set up an approval workflow that didn’t exist in our Movex M3 ERP system. In addition, we had a great need in-house to create a user-friendly, intuitive portal for our users. Whether they are based in a plant or sit on our management committee, they all use the same portal.

What were your expectations with respect to the process to be implemented?
We had to have a tool suitable for our Movex M3 ERP system that offered the features we needed, starting with the purchase requisition module developed by Authentic, which makes it possible to identify and approve requirements, in conjunction with purchase orders. In concrete terms, purchase requisitions are taken, turned into purchase order proposals and then processed by the Purchasing department, which converts them into purchase orders. The entire approval workflow takes place within the tool and all of the applications are kept together on a single portal.

In your opinion, what is the major benefit for your employees?
Without hesitation, it’s the user-friendliness. The tool is accessible to everyone and has an email information system that keeps all users informed in real time. And our IT department has a degree of autonomy over the platform that means that it can perform maintenance operations or minor system upgrades.

So for your company, it’s been a constructive process.
It has. With Authentic’s support, we saw the project through to the end and it has been a positive experience. The deployment was followed with great interest by our parent company, Tessenderlo Group, which has been won over by how flexibly the features were developed and the resolutely user-friendly approach taken.