An interview with Nicolas Leroy, ISD software manager at EFI Automotive

Your head office is in the Ain region, in eastern France. How were you put in touch with Authentic?
Their sales engineer Olivier Fournaud contacted us right when we were looking for a technology similar to the Movex M3 ERP system that enables rapid development of user-friendly tools with simplified data entry. First of all we sought their advice, then we adopted their device-based solution for making our Production Declarations.

The system is now operational within your company. What feedback have you had from users?
The feedback is very positive. Before the tool was implemented, our industrial procedures were restrictive and training on the ERP tool was relatively onerous. Now, all of our production operators appreciate how easy it is to get to grips with and use the tool that we have provided for them, which guarantees improved product traceability in particular.

Your collaboration with Authentic doesn’t stop there… What development projects do you have ongoing?
At the moment, we are completely overhauling our Movex M3 ERP system. To make sure that this major project is a success, we have incorporated Authentic into our team, entrusting them with reconfiguring our purchasing and sales processes. Other projects around the M3 tool are being examined, again with the aim of developing specific, user-friendly features that can’t be found in the ERP alone. The mobility of our tools forms part of this.

A word about the Authentic approach?
Commercially speaking, our relationship is based on listening and close follow-up, which we appreciate on a daily basis. With respect to operations, the Authentic consultants who regularly come to work with us on site perform their duties to the full. In terms of IT and users, we are therefore highly satisfied.