Intersport has entrusted Authentic with migrating its IT infrastructure to M3

Having acquired the Cycleurope plant in Machecoul, France, Intersport started looking for an M3 expert to migrate the new production site’s information system to the company’s head office near Paris. Aldo Palombo, Intersport Research & Development Manager, reflects on the migration…

Cycleurope is a Scandinavian brand, and Intersport France has its head office in Longjumeau. Did the geographical distance complicate the migration of the IT infrastructure?

The main difficulty was the very tight schedule imposed on us by Cycleurope for taking over the information system at the Machecoul plant that we had just acquired. We had to very quickly find a technical partner that specialized in Movex M3 and could manage the project with a fast turnaround.

Why did you choose Authentic?

Their team was able to provide a fast, effective response that met our requirements. I also wanted to give the migration to a trusted Nantes-based company recommended by my professional network. Finally, it turned out that the Cycleurope production site in Machecoul was a long-standing Authentic customer. For me, that was an extra guarantee of confidence.

Has the IT migration had any impact on production at the plant?

None at all! The switchover was seamless. That was vital for us, as there cannot be any fall in bicycle production rates in spring. The project was launched on April 1, 2013 and completed on June 8, a few days before the deadline set by the vendor. We were 100% satisfied with the service provided by Authentic.

So your Machecoul plant, which is now called La Manufacture Française du Cycle (MFC), is continuing its journey with Authentic. Do you have any other projects under way?

Having duplicated the initial infrastructure based in Norway, everything is running exactly as it did before at Machecoul. The only gateway that we created with Intersport relates to accounting, which we have interfaced. We are currently finalizing a customer workflow. Double entry will soon be ancient history – when a customer is entered in the MFC system, it will automatically be stored in the Intersport system, and vice versa.