The Laurent Group has been operating since 1937 in parts distribution for the automotive and heavy goods vehicle markets. Since 2007, the group’s different entities had been suffering from a large disparity in terms of IS and ERP. To improve the group’s commercial growth and regain the power of a single, integrated information system, an extensive harmonization project was launched in 2011. In 2013, Authentic was tasked with migrating from Movex V10 RPG to M3 10.1 for subsidiary Cap VI (Heavy Goods Vehicle warehouses and parts distribution).
We reviewed the project with the Group’s ISD and CFO.

1. Given that you had already migrated two distribution subsidiaries in 2012, how did you envisage the Cap VI project?

– ISD: The migration of the first two entities from Movex V12 to M3 had been a little laborious, so we were very cautious with Cap VI. The specifications were very precise in terms of objectives, particularly with respect to business continuity, and also project monitoring. In addition to data transfer, the challenges related to operational aspects such as creating good practices, and building up the skills of IT project managers and Key Users.
– CFO: In fact, after a complicated initial phase, we wanted to get back to genuine project management, capable of creating a strong dynamic within our teams. For my part, one of the challenges was also to limit the use of specific features, particularly through the drafting of Best Practices.

2. Following the call for tenders, why did you choose Authentic to support you?

– ISD: Authentic’s proposal was fully formed, with a detailed methodology. Its project management approach was rigorous and realistic. All of these things created an atmosphere of trust from the outset. And that was confirmed throughout the project, as a result of very effective management involving our teams and our Authentic contacts. The monthly steering committee meetings and weekly project committee meetings meant that we could keep a handle on progress and maintain a steady pace.
– CFO: That’s right, Authentic’s tender seemed to be both the most reliable and the most precise. The responses given were genuinely appropriate and completely in line with our specific business requirements. I appreciated Authentic’s intellectual honesty; right from the outset it was extremely clear with respect to the limits and risks of the project.

3. Has the migration come into effect? How did it go?

– ISD: As a whole, our objectives have been met, there has been no impact on our sales activities, and we even recorded very good results for the period. We were able to rationalize our “business” processes through exchanging Best Practices and the data transfer was successful, which gives us confidence for future migrations. My only regret is that for organizational reasons, the Key Users have not always been able to find time for training and skills development. Authentic has therefore stepped in, offering high-quality training.
– CFO: As far as I’m concerned, there haven’t been any notable discrepancies between the project on paper and the reality. What has particularly struck me is the strong support and quality of the assistance provided in managing the project. Authentic’s ability to integrate with our teams and their unfailing commitment created an excellent synergy throughout the project.

4. What’s your assessment of the project? Are you planning any other deployments within the Group?

– ISD: It’s a very positive assessment. Switching from Movex V10 RPG to M3 represents a leap of 15 years between the two versions! And in the end, the project was completed in eight months, so we are very satisfied with the service provided by Authentic. Acting on the feedback from this project, we are already in the process of defining the scope of the next migration.
– CFO: I agree with the ISD’s assessment. What’s important is that this migration was painless for the users. Of course, after the euphoria of the launch, you can always identify improvements that can still be made, particularly with respect to certain interfaces, but overall this project makes us want to keep moving forward.