Interview with Marc Michel, ISD at Neuhauser

Leading European bakery and pastry maker Neuhauser has a taste for tradition and a feeling for innovation. Following the acquisition of its competitor BCS in 2011, the group turned to Authentic for support in the staged merger of the two ERP systems, SAP and Movex M3.

You had to choose between the SAP system at BCS and Movex M3 at Neuhauser. Why did you opt for staggered migration to Movex M3?
We decided to favor Movex M3 because it covers larger domains, particularly in respect of production. Furthermore, the configuration work would have been more complex if we had chosen to merge the two systems into SAP. Also, rather than switching everything over at a given moment, we preferred to stagger the migration over several months; we didn’t have sufficient internal resources to have all our key users occupied on the task at the same time. The detrimental impact on the work of our operations teams would have been too great.

How did you succeed in running SAP and Movex alongside each other during the six-month migration period?
We had to manage a communication issue between the two systems during the transitional period, when we migrated one or two sites per month. That’s why, once our in-house team had completed the technical merger, we called in Authentic to manage the interface between SAP and Movex during the migration. In particular, their consultants developed an accounting interface that meant that SAP data could be used in Movex M3. All of our key accounts had been switched to Movex M3 on January 1, so another important task for Authentic was creating a special interface used to make the link between taking an order in Movex, processing it in SAP and finally transferring it back to Movex for delivery.

How would you assess your collaboration with Authentic?
Our in-house team worked in close collaboration with the team at Authentic to bring this high-stakes project, which involved orders worth 120 million euros, to a successful conclusion. Together, we met the relatively short deadlines and our ERP system became more efficient. So it’s a positive assessment.