An interview with Frédéric Arnaudon

Leading luxury glass packaging manufacturer Pochet du Courval implemented the Infor M3 ERP system in 2011 with help from Authentic. From the outset, the ISD chose myCOD, the Authentic third-party maintenance platform, to receive functional and technical support for M3. After almost three years, we caught up with Frédéric Arnaudon, operations manager at Pochet du Courval.

Can you explain how your team uses myCOD?

F.A.: My department is made up of eight people (analysts and project managers) who manage our entire information system. Within the team, I and five others use myCOD for M3 support. Our role is to handle requests from the “business” users, but we aren’t equipped to solve all problems directly. That’s why we call on Authentic’s expertise via myCOD. The platform helps us respond to three types of request:
– Operational incidents and errors (approximately 80% of tickets)
– Specific developments and upgrade projects (approximately 20% of tickets)
– A few relatively inconsequential technical problems

How do you measure the effectiveness of the support you receive?

F.A.: myCOD lets me have detailed reports and a clear overview of our requests. On average we have around twenty tickets ongoing per month; the myCOD indicators are important and help me manage my activities and organize my teams’ work. Alongside this, I have a weekly synchronization phone conversation with our dedicated myCOD contact at Authentic to optimize the progress of requests. As a whole, we are satisfied with the quality of service, both in terms of handling time and the applicability of the responses given.

In your view, what makes myCOD special?

F.A.: Beyond the ease of use of the centralized platform, we appreciate the proximity of our Authentic contacts. Our teams feel truly supported by expert, accessible consultants who are completely familiar with our environment. This tool is central to our organization. Our M3 ERP is a vital component at the heart of our IS that generates large numbers of requests. This means that we need effective, high-quality support, and that’s what we get with myCOD.