An interview with Benoit Marszalek, CIO at POCHET DU COURVAL

Several Authentic consultants spend a few days each week at Pochet du Courval, a company in the heart of “Glass Valley”, which lies between Rouen, Abbeville and Amiens, France.
Their mission: to support the IS department in installing the Movex/M3 ERP system and, more recently, setting up myCOD support.

How did your collaboration with Authentic come about?

Benoit Marszalek: In 2009, as part of a huge project to transform our information system, we called on the services of a Movex/M3 integrator. A few months later, I wanted to find an external expert to give us advice about some key decisions that needed to be made, particularly regarding finances. We put out a call for tenders, which was won by Authentic.

Why did you choose Authentic?

Benoit Marszalek: Because of its great expertise in Movex/M3. We were able to rely on assistance from one or two experts to provide the interface between our integrator (Logica) and our teams in the ISD relating to important matters during the integration of the ERP system.

In concrete terms, what issues were they involved with?

Benoit Marszalek: Firstly, building up our in-house teams’ Movex/M3 skills so that they had a better handle on the functional parameters; then, dealing with technical issues relating to specific developments of the solution; and finally, with respect to finance, which we needed advice on.

Once your Movex/M3 ERP system was operational, what happened next?

Benoit Marszalek: The Authentic consultants continued to support us. We put out a new call for tenders relating to application maintenance, which Authentic won due to its myCOD solution. We were confident of their expertise and responsiveness, and of the tailored size of their team. Above all, it’s the ability to handle subjects across the entire business (Supply Chain, Production, Quality, Purchasing, Sales, Finances) and the small, friendly structure that make the difference.

In your opinion, what is the added value of the myCOD solution?

Benoit Marszalek: Quite simply, its technical/consulting mix. In addition to their technical expertise, the Authentic consultants demonstrated a great capacity for listening and adapting to our issues. As a result, the third-party maintenance solution based on myCOD is delivering on its promises.