SIPLAST adopts AIP, the supplier invoice dematerialization solution. An interview with Stéphanie Trebel, Supply Chain project manager

Why did you choose to dematerialize your Purchasing department’s invoices?
Quite simply, so that our buyers could refocus on their job. We decided to make the invoice matching process easier by automating the process and re-assigning it to accounting. This meant that we first had to clarify our processes and review how tasks were distributed between departments. We turned to Authentic’s AIP solution.

What’s your assessment after a year of running AIP?
It’s a very positive assessment. With respect to ROI, AIP has saved our three-person Purchasing department no less than half a man-day per week without increasing the workload of our Accounting department. And 95% of our invoices are automatically directly integrated into our ERP system. We have been pleasantly surprised by AIP’s performance. Now that we have been freed from this administrative task, we have more time to tackle fundamental questions relating to our actual business.

What do the users think of AIP?
At the start of the project, our users, in both accounts and purchasing, were largely skeptical. We had to drive the change, explain the new tool that we wanted to implement, and provide reassurance with respect to the added value of AIP. Now, the gamble has paid off, and our users are convinced of the benefits of AIP. They have all been won over by viewing invoices in PDF and more generally by our new paperless environment. You could say that there has been a genuine change in quality of life at work.