After 12 years as a Major Account Manager at Infor, Olivier wanted to continue his career in a different way, transferring his experience and using his skills on an ambitious project. “Cyril Dechet and I had a real meeting of minds. Our vision and ambitions were completely in sync,” explains Olivier.
He now has a dual role: strengthening the partnership with Infor, and growing the sales business in “project” mode.

What he likes about Authentic
Within the company, Olivier can set out a clear, honest commercial approach for large-scale projects. He acknowledges that he has found a form of freedom of expression and that he is contributing to the growth of the company in accordance with his intellectual values and beliefs about business.
“Customer satisfaction, as well as mutual respect between employees, creates strong, lasting bonds,” says Olivier. One year on, Olivier notes that things are moving in the right direction, as the actions taken have already started to bear fruit.

The Authentic approach as seen by Olivier
Olivier fully subscribes to the principal of “practice what you preach” that Authentic holds dear. “Authentic is a multi-faceted and unique company. Everyone is very modest about their skills. There are no divas,” adds Oliver. In his opinion, the Authentic state of mind is a reality in which the values of humility, commitment and honesty are evident on a day-to-day basis.