An interview with Amandine VIALE, CFO/CIO at 

Since September 2019, EUROCAVE has been supported on a daily basis by the myCOD team in its support management on the Infor M3 ERP.

How did the collaboration with Authentic start ?

Amandine VIALE : We migrated last year to version 13.4 of M3. This iso-perimeter upgrade went well, but when we wanted to make post-migration optimizations, the service provider in place was not able to advise us effectively. We then decided to look for another service provider. That’s when we contacted Authentic.

Why did you choose Authentic ?

Amandine VIALE : For the recognized skills of their consultants and their in-deepth knowledge of Infor M3.

How did the implementation of myCOD support go ?

Amandine VIALE : Very good. Authentic assigned us a referent consultant who was responsible for acquiring knowledge of our environment and our specificities. We are very satisfied with this way of working. Having a dedicated interlocutor within the Authentic team facilitates communication and greatly increases efficiency and speed in the processing of our requests.

What types of requests do you entrust to Authentic through myCOD web portal ?

Amandine VIALE : Both customizations/program adaptations and functional questions on M3.

What do you think are the strengths of myCOD ?

Amandine VIALE : I can see several.

First of all, the fact that the invoicing of the interventions carried out by the support team is done on a quarter-hour basis meets our needs. We are not afraid to create requests to ask just one question. With myCOD, we are guaranteed a quick response with a very low financial burden.

Secondly I strongly appreciate the quality of the exchanges we have with our interlocutors at Authentic. Whenever we submit a problem to them, the consultants are a source of proposals and help us to find the best solution and above all the one that suits us.

Finally we are very satisfied with the implementation of the request validation workflow. Before, the IT department received many requests that were not always very well explained and sometimes redundant. The implementation of myCOD support has helped us to structure and improve our internal management of end-user solicitations.

As a conclusion, which terms would best define myCOD ?

Amandine VIALE : Flexibility. Responsiveness. Great consultants.



EUROCAVE is the world’s one and only true expert in wine preservation. Unlike its competitors in the domestic appliance sector, EuroCave is first and foremost a company that belongs to the wine community. EuroCave claims to have only one profession, which is the conservation, preservation and service of wine.

EuroCave at a glance :

  • An international group with 5 unique brands
  • Wine storage and service solutions (wine cabinets, storage systems, wine bars for home)
  • French manufacture (Fourmies, 59) and « Origine France Garantie » label
  • 20 000 wine cabinets produced each year and more than 30 000 000 bottles stored worldwide