An interview with Jean-Pascal FUMOLEAU, CIO at

In June 2016 PiveteauBois signed a support contract for the Infor M3 solution with Authentic Group. Some 200 myCOD requests later, customer satisfaction is a fact.

How did the collaboration with Authentic start ?

Jean-Pascal FUMOLEAU : A few years ago, our internal IT development team faced a work overload. We were no longer able to handle all the requests coming from users. In the beginning, we therefore mainly passed on to the myCOD team  requests dealing with output management (MOM), interface development (MEC) and program customization (MAK).

The spectrum of the types of requests has been expanded. Today we request myCOD support for development issues as well as for functional and even system architecture questions.

In concrete terms, how do you active the use of myCOD support ?

Jean-Pascal FUMOLEAU : myCOD is fully integrated into our internal incident and system evolution request management system. All members of the IT team have access to the myCOD portal and are able to post requests. Beforehand we validate together each subject that we delegate to the myCOD team.

As far as I a m concerned, I validate the budget that the Authentic consultant sends us on each new request. This way I have total control over expenses. 

What do you think  are the strengths of myCOD ?

Jean-Pascal FUMOLEAU : I very much appreciate the responsiveness of the myCOD team.

We are also very close to some of the consultants. This proximity is not only geographical (only 75 kilometres separate PiveteauBois and the Authentic Group head office) but also human. Exchanges on open requests are often made by telephone and sometimes even on our premises. This direct contact with the technical and business consultants is very much appreciated.

Finally, we are very satisfied with the wide variety of requests that Authentic can address. Their mastery of the different bricks and compenents of the M3 eco-system is very helpful. And this allows me to have a single and unique supplier for all the technological bricks.




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