Fabrice joined the Authentic team in 2015 as M3 Project Manager. His expertise in international environments and with software publisher M3 naturally steered him towards pre-sales and project coordination roles at two multinationals, Hermès and SABC in Cameroon. Fabrice puts his digital transformation and change management expertise to work on the complex projects undertaken by Authentic. Since 2019, Fabrice has been the manager of the business consultants and a member of the Management Committee.

What he likes about Authentic
Having experienced life in “major account” businesses, Fabrice appreciates the flexibility of a small, friendly organization. The responsiveness and speed of decision-making enable better handling of customer requests, as well as simple, amicable relationships in-house.
“The Authentic team is mainly made up of experienced people, genuine specialists, and this characteristic improves the quality of the services we provide to our customers, while allowing me to deepen my product knowledge.”

The Authentic approach as seen by Fabrice
Through his direct contact with external customers, Fabrice can attest to the serious, professional, reliable image they have of Authentic. In-house, he appreciates the values of integrity and honesty that are in Authentic’s DNA.
“The guidance and international ambitions expressed by Cyril Dechet are completely in line with my thinking. That’s definitely what convinced me to return to an IT services company after my customer experience, and every day backs up my decision.”