Julie Le Strat joined the Authentic team in January 2011. Having gained experience at software publisher M3 and then as a project manager dealing with companies that use M3, she wanted to move towards a more versatile position, at the intersection between customer satisfaction and internal organization.
For three years, she held the position of Resources Planner with a two-pronged mission : coordinating in-house resources’ schedules and ensuring that deadlines are met, and operational management of the myCOD support platform.

Today Julie has made an astonishing turn and has given a new impetus to her career by becoming Marketing and Communication Manager. Her career development is fully representative of the perspectives and opportunities that Authentic can offer.

What she likes about Authentic
Her role at the heart of Authentic gives her a day-to-day overview of the business, both internally and externally. Rather like an orchestra conductor, she coordinates a team of highly committed experts, consultants and project managers. Julie emphasizes the quality and standing of the people she works with. “I’m fortunate to work alongside senior profiles who have genuine talent and know how to take a very professional approach to projects.”
She appreciates being part of a small, friendly company and a team in which every member is respected and listened to, where discussions are simple and straightforward. “…Communication at Authentic is direct and natural. We’re encouraged to be a driving force, to come up with ideas to move the company forward in a positive way.”

The Authentic approach as seen by Julie
When she talks about the corporate culture at Authentic, Julie immediately mentions the quality of customer service, symbolized in particular by the phrase “user-friendly”, the company’s baseline. This notion of “friendly” is expressed within the company through the values of mutual support and the convivial atmosphere that reigns on a daily basis and at internal events. In short, at Authentic, “everyone has their place and we are united in moving forward.”