The supplier invoice automation solution integrated into Infor M3

thumbnail of Fiche AIP Factures – EN – 2016AUTHENTIC has developed AIP for complete integration of your automated invoices into INFOR M3.

Why use AIP?


The only packaged offering of its kind on the market
AIP is the only packaged supplier invoice automation solution that is fully integrated into INFOR M3® and uses its standards. AIP requires no additional configuration or development before being integrated into your M3 ERP.
AIP’s out-of-the-box, upgradeable features make it quick and easy to implement. Connection between AIP and Infor M3® is direct, meaning that your IS remains unchanged and your users can get to grips with the tool immediately.

Main features
• Invoices posted on receipt and automatically integrated into the INFOR M3® FAM (Finance) module
• Posted invoice processing workflow
• Management of “approved for payment” vouchers
• Management of disputes
• Management of multiple VAT rates
• Management of factoring
• Supplier invoice approval workflow
• Processing and reconciliation of invoices with or without Purchase Order
• Consistency checks on imported invoices with email alert (supplier status, due date, duplicate, purchase order existence and status, VAT code, etc.)
• Posting of entries, viewing of electronic invoices
• Error reporting by supplier, invoice type, period, etc.

AIP at a glance (download our video)