Infor M3 ERP

M3 lets you manage all of the central and ancillary processes of your manufacturing, supply chain or maintenance activities:
• Sales and customer service
• Supply chain, distribution and stock management
• Financial management and supplier relationships
• Enterprise asset management
• Manufacturing operations
Infor M3 is a multi-language, multi-company, multi-site solution that evolves to meet your changing requirements.

Infor M3 Customer Sales and Service
Management of simple products to complex products and kits, manufactured-to-order and manufactured-to-stock products, telesales and EDI methods. Management of sales channels, availability checks, pricing and execution.

Infor M3 EAM
Maintenance solution, management of data relating to resources, preventive maintenance, work order checks, diagnostics management and statistical analysis. Synchronization of maintenance with production plans, skills management and graphic planning, etc.

Infor M3 Supply Chain Management
A robust method to assist with extended supply chain planning, organization and accomplishment. Infor M3 SCM incorporates the following features: demand planning, supply chain planning, plant planning, global availability checks, CTP (capable-to-promise) queries and Procurement/e-Procurement.

Infor M3 Manufacturing Operations
Traceability management, change control, configured products, product attributes, laboratory inspection, co-products and by-products in discrete, process and mixed mode manufacturing environments. Lean manufacturing, regulatory inspections, etc.

Infor M3 Financial Management
Integrated accounting, pricing, cash flow management, budgeting, consolidation and transaction management features. Multi-currency management and automatic management of differences between local legislations. Management of complex projects, fast modelling of critical trends.

Infor M3 ERP Enterprise uses all this information to give a standardized overview of operations in line with your specific business requirements.


Infor M3 will help you:
• Rationalize your operations and improve visibility
• Manage complex, attribute-configured and -controlled products
• Significantly improve management of operational assets
• Optimize your company’s quality of customer service and profitability
• Increase your visibility and control flows of information, materials and financial data
• Give your customers a comprehensive overview of their past and present operations
• Speed up software implementation through pre-configured solutions