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2020-02-06T20:49:10+01:00Monday 20 January 2020|

An interview with Jean-Pascal FUMOLEAU, CIO at In June 2016 PiveteauBois signed a support contract for the Infor M3 solution with Authentic Group. Some 200 myCOD requests later, customer satisfaction is a fact. How did [...]


2020-02-06T20:51:19+01:00Thursday 21 November 2019|

An interview with Amandine VIALE, CFO/CIO at  Since September 2019, EUROCAVE has been supported on a daily basis by the myCOD team in its support management on the Infor M3 ERP. How did the collaboration [...]

EFI Automotive

2017-02-08T18:11:36+01:00Tuesday 7 February 2017|

An interview with Nicolas Leroy, ISD software manager at EFI Automotive Your head office is in the Ain region, in eastern France. How were you put in touch with Authentic? Their sales engineer Olivier Fournaud [...]


2017-02-08T14:56:51+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

Dematerializing your processes is good. Improving flows and user-friendliness is even better. We take a look at the experience of Akiolis, a manufacturer based in Le Mans, France. Bruno Duchesne, purchasing director at Akiolis, spoke [...]


2017-02-08T14:56:42+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

SIPLAST adopts AIP, the supplier invoice dematerialization solution. An interview with Stéphanie Trebel, Supply Chain project manager Why did you choose to dematerialize your Purchasing department's invoices? Quite simply, so that our buyers could refocus [...]

LAURENT Group – Cap VI

2017-02-08T14:56:32+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

The Laurent Group has been operating since 1937 in parts distribution for the automotive and heavy goods vehicle markets. Since 2007, the group's different entities had been suffering from a large disparity in terms of [...]

POCHET DU COURVAL – Frédéric Arnaudon

2017-02-07T16:56:38+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

An interview with Frédéric Arnaudon Leading luxury glass packaging manufacturer Pochet du Courval implemented the Infor M3 ERP system in 2011 with help from Authentic. From the outset, the ISD chose myCOD, the Authentic third-party [...]


2019-11-21T21:11:07+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

An interview with Benoit Marszalek, CIO at POCHET DU COURVAL Several Authentic consultants spend a few days each week at Pochet du Courval, a company in the heart of "Glass Valley", which lies between Rouen, [...]


2017-02-08T14:56:10+01:00Thursday 2 February 2017|

Interview with Marc Michel, ISD at Neuhauser Leading European bakery and pastry maker Neuhauser has a taste for tradition and a feeling for innovation. Following the acquisition of its competitor BCS in 2011, the group [...]