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Committed to service quality and proximity, Authentic delivers user-oriented service for companies running Infor Movex/M3 (RPG, Java) as well as applications developed or distributed by Authentic.
A global, international shared support service
– Access to a pool of consultants and developers (up to 10 years’ experience of Infor M3)
– Functional support and technical support: M3, AIP, Comflow applications
– Maintenance, development, consulting
– MyCOD World: support service for multi-nationals

Types of request
• Correction of malfunctions
• Custom development, changes
• Functional consulting: configuration, assistance with archiving, outsourcing of user support, etc.
• Technical services: version migration, architecture optimization, performance diagnostic, etc.

myCOD added value
• More than 50 Infor M3 customers worldwide
• Ease of use: Flexibility, user-friendliness, personalized time credits (ticket books)
• Traceability: Reporting and complete monthly tracking
• Performance: Expert, secure, international
• Speed: real-time availability, efficiency

Urgent requests: 97.8% of requests handled on the same day, 78.4% resolved in less than one day

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“… The added value of myCOD? Its Technical/Consulting mix…”
Benoit Marszalek, ISD – Pochet du Courval, subsidiary of Groupe Pochet

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